About us:

Zero UTI aims at decreasing the spread U.T.I among girls in secondary schools and the entire community.


8.1 million people suffer from UTI according to WHO statistics 2017.

According to the research we conducted in 5 public schools in Dar es salaam, we found out that girls are the most affected group by UTI disease due to limited, dirty and very poor latrines, lack of access to clean water while at school, and personal hygiene education . This situation makes girls to hold or restrain from using the latrines for whole day and acquire the disease easily. This has contributed to school absentees, increased school dropouts, poor performance and this puts girls at a high risk of gender based violence since they become dependant on their families or partners and prone to deadly diseases in the future such as cervical cancer and kidney failure.


Through this web-based platform we raise awareness to students and key stakeholders about personal hygiene and critical situations of water and sanitation in schools respectively. The system will also invite different key players and stakeholders to financially and improve the wellbeing and WASH situation in selected schools.